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Ran into these cuties at Asakusa Sensoji Temple last weekend celebrating Shichi Go San. Aren’t they adorable? I just love seeing the littles in their gorgeous outfits! I find it interesting that the girl on the right is wearing hakama, as girls … Continue reading

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Ashikaga Wine Festival Sketches

This weekend was one of my favorite events of the year, the Ashikaga Wine Festival. What could be better than sitting on a mountain on a gorgeous fall day drinking wine with your friends? While we were hanging out I … Continue reading

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Starbucks Japan’s Holidays: Snow Maple Toffee and Cranberry Bliss White Mocha

Usually when Halloween is over, I feel a bit sad. I’ve always been a purist that the Christmas season shouldn’t start until Thanksgiving, but it’s not a holiday that requires much prep outside of the week of the event. There’s … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Gunma-chan!!!

Gunma-chan won the Yuru-Kyara Gran Prix!! It’s official, he’s the cutest character in Japan :D

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Happy Halloween!

Another great Halloween at school! I went all out, bringing even more candy than usual to hand out at lunch. This year saw a noticeable uptick in the number of kids that insisted on returning the favor, including a few … Continue reading

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Gunma-chan macaron at my School Festival in Japan!

I had a great time at my school’s Big Huge Once-Every-Three-Years Festival today! Because it’s a commercial school, our festival is different from the usual High School cultural festivals. This one is focused on SELLING. Some classes make things, and … Continue reading

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Today’s Watercolor AND Youtube: Tanabata!

This past weekend was the third and final of my city’s big festivals! The first is the Daruma festival in early January and the second is the Tanabata Festival in July. I put together this little video about it for my … Continue reading

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