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Strange Days and Stressful Times

It’s strange days and stressful times here in Japan. While the devastation in the affected areas is gut-wrenching, most of the country is trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy. Despite everyone’s concern (and multiple early morning phone … Continue reading

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Day 3: Getting back to “normal”, and White Day During Hard Times

In Japan, many cell phones are equipped with earthquake alarms that are activated 5 to 10 seconds ahead of tremors. The sound of 30-40 all going off at once in the teacher’s room this afternoon was possibly one of the … Continue reading

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Day 2: Even the Tokyo Tower is bent…

No pictures of major destruction, just this sad little reminder that Japan isn’t feeling well right now. Even the Tokyo Tower is bent, just a little bit. We’re still doing alright here in Japan. We’re ok on food and supplies, … Continue reading

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Day 1: Earthquake, the day after

Hey all–we’re still doing fine here in Japan. It’s been a pretty crazy day/night, and we’re a little bit exhausted. The aftershocks seem to have calmed down Literally, as I finished typing this the alarm on the TV went off. … Continue reading

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Day 0: Earthquake! 地震!

Hey everybody! We’re here safe and sound in Japan, the earthquake shook us up quite a bit but everyone’s ok in our area. It’s pretty crazy watching the pictures come through on TV. Even the reporters on TV are wearing … Continue reading

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