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Pikachu with a view: My trip to the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo

Some times, when living in Japan, one finds oneself at some pretty wacky places. After spending the weekend touring (and tweeting!) the newly designated World Heritage Sites surrounding the Tomioka Silk Mill (more on that soon), I found myself spending … Continue reading

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Attack on Christmas!

If you pay much attention to anime, then you’ve probably at least heard of the big hit this past year, Attack on Titan. It’s an intense, action packed series with creepy monsters, daring heroes and grotesque battles. How better to … Continue reading

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An interesting thing happened at the intersection of social media and pop culture the other day. I had heard that Denny’s was doing really well on social media, one of the mainstream brands that has really managed to tap into … Continue reading

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Saitama’s Anime Tourism Campaign

There seems to be an interesting trend in tourism campaigns recently. First there was Disney’s gorgeous anime-style commercial for Tokyo Disney Resort which covered the life of a woman in 30 seconds and managed to pack in so much emotion … Continue reading

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Christmas Cake

A few weeks ago I talked about the K-On! Christmas cake, and mentioned there was another cake that looked even cooler. I planned to order one for Sean, but missed the cutoff date and kicked myself for days. Then, on … Continue reading

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Lawson’s K-On! Fair

If you’re dreaming of coming to a magical land where there’s anime at every turn, and the girls have big beautiful eyes sparkling up at you, most people would tell you that Japan isn’t really like that. But here’s a … Continue reading

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KFC’s One Piece Kiddie Meal

So as I mentioned before, the first night we went to the Tanabata Matsuri in my city, things were a bit quiet. The decorations were in full force, and there were girls running around in scandalously shoulder-baring yukata (shocking!) but … Continue reading

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