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The Perils of Cycling

The bad news is that 2 of my friends have been hit by cars while riding their bicycles in the past week. The past week! The good news is that they both walked away from the accidents without much more … Continue reading

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Dr. Smiley

One of the things that I love about Japan is that there is a mascot for everything. Even the dentist has this definitely-not-creepy-at-all-no-sir guy grinning out front. I kind of wonder if the resident tooth doctor has glasses, or resembles … Continue reading

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Good bye, Cherry Blossoms

Sakura season is almost at a close, already. It always seems fast, but this year particularly so–it felt like the blossoms were barely on the trees before the wind and rain (and maybe a few aftershocks?) shook them all to … Continue reading

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A rose by any other name…

The cherry blossom viewing party was a great success, despite getting slightly rained on, but that didn’t stop us! Flowers were viewed, pictures were taken, sake was drunk, and a good time was had by all! That being said, we’re … Continue reading

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Tokyo is not deserted!

Hey guys! Here’s a shot from the Yamanote Line on Sunday afternoon around 5, passing through Harajuku. Tokyo seems to be mostly back to normal, though there are a few

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Day 1: Earthquake, the day after

Hey all–we’re still doing fine here in Japan. It’s been a pretty crazy day/night, and we’re a little bit exhausted. The aftershocks seem to have calmed down Literally, as I finished typing this the alarm on the TV went off. … Continue reading

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Sick Day

Ugh, feeling really oogy today, so all you get is this picture. It’s not even new, I took it on an Otakon business trip to Tokyo in 2007  when I got wicked sick–the Tokyo Death Plague, we called it. I’m … Continue reading

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