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Pikachu with a view: My trip to the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo

Some times, when living in Japan, one finds oneself at some pretty wacky places. After spending the weekend touring (and tweeting!) the newly designated World Heritage Sites surrounding the Tomioka Silk Mill (more on that soon), I found myself spending … Continue reading

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Today’s watercolor: Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle!

It’s been a little while since I did a Pokémashup (previous ones include Darkwing Farfetch’d and Charizard Godzilla) so I had a little fun with this after they announced the new TMNT movie. How do you think that’s going to … Continue reading

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Today’s watercolor: Charizard meets Godzilla!

For the latest installment in my Pokémon mashup series, it’s Charizard meets Godzilla! Charzilla? Something about this combo just seemed right, especially with the new Godzilla movie trailer being

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Today’s watercolor: Snorlax x Totoro!

One of the good things about all the snow days recently is having time to art! I painted this little Snorlax/Totoro

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Today’s watercolor: another super silly Pokemon!

I did a watercolor of Farfetch’d dressed as Darkwing Duck a few months ago, and did this one around the same time but never posted it. These Pokemon crossovers crack me up–what other crossover should I do?

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Today’s Watercolor is so silly!

Combined a request for Darkwing Duck with a request for Farfetch’d, the silly duck Pokemon that always carries a leek around. The story is that he’s based on the Japanese proverb “鴨が葱を背負って来” or “A duck comes bearing green onions.” It can be … Continue reading

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Pokéball Fireworks!

Yukata. Festivals. Fireflies.  かき氷 (kakigori) or shave ice. Sweat trickling down your back as your fan gently pushes the humid air past your face. All of these things mean summer in Japan, and one thing rises quite literally above the … Continue reading

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A wild Pokéball appears!

The Takasaki Tower Museum of Art currently has an excellent show of Taisho and Showa era artists. I went on Sunday with my friends Traveling Grant and Anna the blogless, and I’ll be going back again soon now that Sean … Continue reading

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がんばって、日本! Ganbatte, Japan!

Here’s an interesting cultural difference: In Japan, when faced with a difficult situation or obstacle, people don’t say “Good luck!” They say “Ganbatte!” which vaguely translates to “Do your best!” I think it’s interesting, because it

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