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New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu “Yume No Hajima Ring Ring” with English lyrics translation!

The new Kyary Pamyu Pamyu single ゆめのはじまりんりん, Yumenohajimarinrin, “My Dreams are beginning, Ring Ring” is coming out on the 26th! The video has already been released on Youtube. Another piece penned by the formidable Yasutaka Nakata, this one is just as

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Mountain Dew Corn Snacks!

So, this is a thing. Here’s some thoughts we had while trying them: It’s like super sugary breakfast cereal that’s punching you in the tongue. Sweet lemon lime Cheetos tingle like

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Kyary Pamyu Pudding!

Are you feeling blue? Perhaps life is getting you down? Has someone got a case of the Februarys? (It’s almost over, I promise!) Here’s the best way to combat ennui–with pudding! Better yet, pudding delivered by everyone’s favorite Harajuku It … Continue reading

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Oh, the indignity!

Well, apparently the Colonel’s gone off his rocker and is now parading around the streets of Tokyo with an apple on his head, and a giant pie in his hands. No, seriously.

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Nyan-Cat Tattoos, Part II

Recently I posted a picture of a Nyan-Cat Tattoo. Well, it turns out there’s more where that came from!

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Nyan-cat tattoo!

Wow. This tattoo was brought to our attention recently by our awesome friend Cynthia, and, just, wow. (via Fyeahtattoos)

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Pokéball Fireworks!

Yukata. Festivals. Fireflies.  かき氷 (kakigori) or shave ice. Sweat trickling down your back as your fan gently pushes the humid air past your face. All of these things mean summer in Japan, and one thing rises quite literally above the … Continue reading

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What is this I don’t even…Okinawa Omiyage NSFW

The picture is below the cut, because it is most definitely Not Safe For Work.

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New Summer Pepsi Dry

As I mentioned, I’ve been looking all over for the new Summer Pepsi since it was released earlier this week. I’m a big fan of the seasonal Pepsi flavors, like last winter’s Mont Blanc, Shiso, Cucumber, beautiful Baobab…the list goes … Continue reading

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Necomimi Cat Ears UPDATE

We have some new information about the Necomimi! The company producing them seems pretty slammed, even overwhelmed by all the attention they’ve been getting, but hopefully it will motivate them to get the

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