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Guest Post: Krispy Kreme’s Sakura Donuts

Look, look, I did a Guest Post! I wrote a review of Krispy Kreme’s Spring donuts (Sakura, Matcha, Kinako, oh my!) over on the “I’ll Make It Myself” blog. Go read it and tell them I sent you! 😀

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McDonald’s Sakura Fizz Float and Sakura Teritama Burger

Well, it it turns out Starbucks isn’t the only American import getting in on the cherry blossom craze! (Gotta love their Sakura Lattes and Cherry Blossom Frappuccinos!) Everyone’s favorite burger producing mega-corp has joined the fray with Sakura drinks AND … Continue reading

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Häagen-Dazs Sakura & Rose Ice Cream

A recent bump in views on my Häagen-Dazs in Japan post reminded me that I still haven’t posted about the Sakura and Rose flavors! I love how endlessly

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Sakura mochi!

The morning of graduation I opened the teachers’ room door to be greeted by the almost overwhelming scent of Sakura. One of the teachers has a

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Pepsi PINK!

Yes! It’s here! The day has finally arrived for the new Winter Pepsi flavor! We’ve been waiting for this one for a while–how could you not be excited for Strawberry Milk flavored cola? Pepsi Japan has a long line of … Continue reading

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Rose-flavored Ice Cream?

One of the best parts of our recent trip to our city’s Rose Garden was the special  バラ or rose-flavored ice cream! Our friends’ reactions were mixed–some people thought it was too perfumey, others thought the rose flavor wasn’t strong … Continue reading

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Heart Shaped Watermelon!

Recently we stopped in at a very fancy fruit store in Tokyo Midtown, in a very fancy part of Roppongi (also the location Tokyo’s Ritz-Carlton, to give you some idea.) There were lots of hilariously overpriced fruits, but this one … Continue reading

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