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Making Annin Dofu From Scratch!

Annin Dofu, also called Almond Jelly, is a sweet almond pudding that is fairly popular in Japan. Apparently it originated in Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurants. Here it is often included with sets at Chinese places and is a lovely … Continue reading

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Oizumi Carnival and the Samba-dancing Gunma-chan!

Last week, the Gunma Tourism Association posted this fabulous picture on Facebook, announcing that the Ooizumi Carnaval would be taking place this weekend. Samba dancers, international food, what could be better? I’ve been meaning to check out “Brazilian Town” for … Continue reading

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New Video: Tasting Gari-Gari kun’s Napolitan Spaghetti Popsicle!

There was such a positive response to last week’s video about the new Haagen-Dazs Tomato & Carrot Ice Creams that I decided to do another one! Up this week is the Napolitan Spaghetti popsicle from Gari Gari Kun. Apparently these … Continue reading

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Mountain Dew Corn Snacks!

So, this is a thing. Here’s some thoughts we had while trying them: It’s like super sugary breakfast cereal that’s punching you in the tongue. Sweet lemon lime Cheetos tingle like

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KFC’s One Piece Kiddie Meal

So as I mentioned before, the first night we went to the Tanabata Matsuri in my city, things were a bit quiet. The decorations were in full force, and there were girls running around in scandalously shoulder-baring yukata (shocking!) but … Continue reading

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Horse Sashimi?

Tonight while we were out, our friend Grant ordered the Horse Sashimi, or 馬刺し. It’s been on my list of “Things that I want to try that really kind of freak me out.” I don’t know, but for some reason … Continue reading

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Big America2: The Texas2 Burger

When I travel to a foreign country, I have a slightly perverse love of searching out “American” things. I enjoy seeing my home country through foreign eyes, seeing what stands out and what gets left behind. Tokyo Disney Land is … Continue reading

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Happy Engrish Friday!

We found this at the cafe at the Meiji Jingu. As far as I know, monjyaman is actually savory (note the cabbage and carrots visible in the picture on the left) so I imagine there are lots of disappointed tourists … Continue reading

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Ozenzai & Mochi

Today we decided to try a traditional Japanese New Year’s treat–おぜんざい. Ozenzai is a  red bean soup served with Mochi, or rice cakes. The soup is sweet and, well, beany. Red beans, called azuki in Japan, are a common sweet … Continue reading

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