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Gunma-chan Birthday Cake!

This little guy appeared on my desk at work yesterday as a belated birthday treat! My first time at my visit school since the day, and I can’t believe my lovely coworker remembered, let alone went to the effort. So … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty celebrates 七五三

November 15th is one of my favorite holidays in Japan. It’s not a public holiday, so we still have to go to work tomorrow, but it’s a cultural holiday like Setsubun and Hinamatsuri. 七五三 or Shichi-Go-San means 7-5-3, and is … Continue reading

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School Life — The Sweetest Thing

How adorable is this? I love my students!

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The Many Faces of Gunma-chan — Nyanma-chan?

It’s time for this week’s installment in…THE MANY FACES OF GUNMA-CHAN! Ooooh! Yaaay! This week’s Gunma-chan may seem a bit familiar, if you’re, you know, on the internet. I’m sure you’re aware of Nyan-cat? Everyone’s favorite rainbow-powered poptart cat, on … Continue reading

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Here You Are, Here You Are

The class had started off normally. “Let’s begin!” I announced in a sharp voice. This is usually followed by a student commanding the others to “Stand up! Attention! Bow!” This happens in some variation in most classrooms in Japan, at … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Unbirthday, A Nice Moment in Japan

I was sitting in the teacher’s room after lunch, when the volleyball coach announced that I had a guest. It seemed a bit odd–I don’t often receive visitors, as the old ladies say, especially at school. At first I thought … Continue reading

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Gunma’s Mascot is the Cutest Mascot of All the Mascots!

One thing you notice while living in Japan is that mascots are everywhere. Everywhere and everything has a super adorable (and sometimes slightly creepy) mascot proudly representing the local culture. Most of them are pretty cute, but I happen to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Maru!

Japan is pretty darn good at cute, and this may in fact be

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The Cutest Car on the Planet

Seriously, how freaking adorable is this car? He appears to be the mascot of a certain Japanese corporation, and was parked in front of their local office recently. It’s pretty much the best company car ever, and possibly the

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Ueno is Panda Crazy!

When we went to Tokyo last weekend, the trains were still a bit disrupted, so instead of landing in Shinjuku or Ikebukuro as usual, our final stop was Ueno. This was a happy occasion, because we haven’t gotten much chance … Continue reading

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