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Today’s watercolor: a School Life Self-Portrait

As you may know, my school is not just a normal high school. In addition to the usual stuff like Math and History, there are also subjects like Accounting and Marketing. The Word Processing Club is popular, and the Abacus … Continue reading

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School Life — The Sweetest Thing

How adorable is this? I love my students!

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The Many Faces of Gunma-chan: Tamamura

One of the surprise hits from our panel at AX was everyone’s favorite Prefectural Mascot, Gunma-chan! When he came up on the screen the whole room reacted with a big “Awww…” and we were pretty surprised by how much people … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Unbirthday, A Nice Moment in Japan

I was sitting in the teacher’s room after lunch, when the volleyball coach announced that I had a guest. It seemed a bit odd–I don’t often receive visitors, as the old ladies say, especially at school. At first I thought … Continue reading

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Oh, those crazy kids…

I generally try not to speak Japanese around the students, and prefer they not know how much I may or may not understand. It was tested today though, when I was chatting in the hallway with some students. One girl … Continue reading

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Japan is Beautiful

Gunma Prefectural Sports Tournament, May 13th 2011 This is my entry for this week’s Show Me Japan. Check it out!

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Japanese Pep Rally? Not so peppy!

Tomorrow is the Prefectural Sports Tournament, which means all the various clubs and teams will be battling it out in the fields and courts of our fair Prefecture. It also means that apparently I’ll be on TV, as the

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入学式 and a Beautiful Moment

Last week we had the School Entrance Ceremony, 入学式, which was remarkably similar to the Graduation Ceremony a few weeks ago. The freshmen processed in by class, and their home room teacher guided them with a flourish. Songs were sung, … Continue reading

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Graduation Ceremony! 卒業式!

Today is Graduation Day! It’s  a very big deal of course, and just a little bit confusing as I try to navigate the cultural differences between Japanese and American customs. I think I got through with only one embarrassing moment, … Continue reading

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