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An interesting thing happened at the intersection of social media and pop culture the other day. I had heard that Denny’s was doing really well on social media, one of the mainstream brands that has really managed to tap into … Continue reading

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Saitama’s Anime Tourism Campaign

There seems to be an interesting trend in tourism campaigns recently. First there was Disney’s gorgeous anime-style commercial for Tokyo Disney Resort which covered the life of a woman in 30 seconds and managed to pack in so much emotion … Continue reading

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Christmas Cake

A few weeks ago I talked about the K-On! Christmas cake, and mentioned there was another cake that looked even cooler. I planned to order one for Sean, but missed the cutoff date and kicked myself for days. Then, on … Continue reading

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Lawson’s K-On! Fair

If you’re dreaming of coming to a magical land where there’s anime at every turn, and the girls have big beautiful eyes sparkling up at you, most people would tell you that Japan isn’t really like that. But here’s a … Continue reading

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Going Merry, A Nice Moment in Japan

One recent evening, I was sitting on the couch when our doorbell rang. I assumed it was our lovely landlady or a certain friendly neighbor, but when I checked our incredibly futuristic, color video, two-way speaker device (what’s that even … Continue reading

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がんばって、日本! Ganbatte, Japan!

Here’s an interesting cultural difference: In Japan, when faced with a difficult situation or obstacle, people don’t say “Good luck!” They say “Ganbatte!” which vaguely translates to “Do your best!” I think it’s interesting, because it

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Tokyo International Anime Fair Canceled & Hashtags, Explained

As I mentioned on Twitter earlier, in a tweet that got retweeted like nobody’s business (even William Gibson retweeted it!), it was announced today that the Tokyo International Anime Fair, or TAF has been canceled. This comes a surprise to

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Giant Gundam is Giant!

This weekend was the last weekend of winter break, so we decided to make the most of it by making pilgrimage to one of the coolest, nerdiest things going in Japan. We went to see the “life-size” Gundam. What is … Continue reading

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