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Ring around the rosies

Still getting things together for our EPIC SUMMER GIVEAWAY (and fighting off a cold) so in the meantime, please enjoy this picture from our city’s lovely Rose Garden! Countdown to our Panel at Anime Expo: 9 Days!

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Good bye, Cherry Blossoms

Sakura season is almost at a close, already. It always seems fast, but this year particularly so–it felt like the blossoms were barely on the trees before the wind and rain (and maybe a few aftershocks?) shook them all to … Continue reading

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I should be so lucky…Kit Kats?

I recently found a new flavor of Kit Kat that confounded me. I’ve asked multiple coworkers, friends, and even students to help explain, and I still feel like I’m not quite getting the whole picture. It’s definitely one of the … Continue reading

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Hina Matsuri ケーキ!

Today is Hina Matsuri! I still haven’t found any proper doll displays of ひな人形, the dolls I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I did, however, find these adorable creations at the Lawson’s by our house. Seriously, how adorable are they? It’s … Continue reading

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The Starbucks Sakura Frappuccino!

As I mentioned on Saturday, we had some really lovely weather here last week. And what better way to celebrate than with a beautiful Sakura Blended Creme Frappuccino from Starbucks? I’m not usually a Frappuccino kind of girl–I tend to … Continue reading

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Starbucks Sakura Lattes!

You probably already have some idea of this, but Cherry Blossoms are, in short, a REALLY BIG DEAL here in Japan. If you’re from the Washington D.C. area like us, maybe you’ve had the chance to experience the incredible sight … Continue reading

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