Engrish of the Week! Eat…fresh?

We just got a Subway in our town, and all of the Americans have been buzzing with excitement. The sandwiches are delicious, the lobster bisque (no, really. Would you trust lobster bisque from Subway?) is a bit strange, but this is the best part–the Engrish oshibori! Oshibori are the little towels you get at a restaurant before eating, and even some fast food chains do it, though it’s a bit closer to a wet nap in this case.

I love when English was obviously translated into Japanese and then translated back into “English” as what seemed to happen here! “Eat fresh” has turned into The Natural ideal style of eating vegetable. Just the one, of course! Well done, Subway Japan!

Do you enjoy the Natural ideal style of eating vegetable?


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8 Responses to Engrish of the Week! Eat…fresh?

  1. NTG says:

    HAHA, I saw this too, and I saved a package just because of how charming that is.

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  3. Nicole says:

    I do enjoy natural style eating of my vegatables! HAHAHA! That’s too cute.

  4. Haikugirl says:

    Very cute! Love Japan!! Haha!

  5. reesan says:

    I was expecting to read that they confused the ‘r’ with the ‘l’ and that their packaging read “Eat Flesh”. ^_^

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