Beautiful Madness: Gunnarolla’s Japan Expo Video Review

So Sean is off in California working on his big show, Japan Expo USA, which is happening this weekend. A little while back I was asked to reach out to some bloggers to do reviews of some Japanese items in conjunction with the show, and there was especially a preference for video reviews. gunnarolla 1

One of the people I reached out to was Gunnarolla, Youtuber extraordinaire (you may have seen his music videos Canadian Please, or The Comic Sans Song) who happened to actually be in Tokyo at the time shooting for his upcoming A-Pop projectgunnarolla 3

When I asked Gunnarolla, I knew that he would produce something amazing, and he definitely didn’t disappoint. I haven’t seen any of the other video reviews yet, but I’d be willing to bet that this is the only one that involves a music video, a sword fight, or a Gorilla Mask.

It starts off like a normal unboxing video, and then descends into beautiful madness. Isn’t it fabulous? It makes me so happy that something this crazy and cool began with a simple twitter message. For more awesome pictures, go check out his tumblr. I can’t wait to hear how it goes over at Japan Expo!

gunnarolla 2


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