NO MORE Eiga Dorobou! Video and watercolor!

If you’ve ever been to the movies in Japan, you’ve probably seen the anti-piracy commercial NO MORE 映画泥棒, or NO MORE Movie Thief. It’s pretty amusing, and always one of my favorite parts of the movie going experience. Ironically it’s also the only thing that’s ever made me even think of bringing a camera into a theater, and apparently plenty of other people have had the same idea. There’s lots of versions up on Youtube!

I was looking for painting ideas the other day, and a friend requested this guy. He was pretty fun to paint. No More Eiga Dorobou is sufficiently popular that there’s even cosplay and fan art (some of which influenced this, for sure.) I guess this falls under that category!

There’s even some rather adult material out there (this is the internet, after all) so be aware if you decide to go check it out. But in the meantime, please enjoy this little watercolor that I did. And if you have any requests, please let me know!

eiga dorobou


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5 Responses to NO MORE Eiga Dorobou! Video and watercolor!

  1. bobbin says:

    Hey there, I just returned to Los Angeles from my post as a JET. What happened in this painting? Is that red tape signifying the over-bureaucracy of Japan…or are they tentacles? Like the new purple suit by the way.

    • Ooh, I quite like the bureaucracy interpretation! I had been thinking a bit S&M, but that works as well (perhaps even concurrently!) And yeah, the idea of painting all that black bored me, so I decided to go purple. Artistic license, perhaps? 🙂

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