Today’s Watercolor: Daruma

darumaThe Maebashi Daruma Festival was last week! We had lots of fun as always 🙂 This picture  doesn’t quite capture my new sparkly gold paint, but I really like how it looks in person!



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10 Responses to Today’s Watercolor: Daruma

  1. Joanna McPherson says:

    Hello, nice watercolour! R.E. your trip to the factory in Gunma a while back – do you know if there is any way to order a giant one from the UK? I have searched online and there aren’t any Japanese based companies offering this that I can find. Thanks.

  2. Hey, nice Daruma!

    It’s good to see you’re posting regularly again. =) I was out of the game myself for a while… Looking forward to more of your posts.

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