Today’s Watercolor: Hoppy Easter!

20140420-222902.jpgEarlier this week I asked Facebook what I should paint for easter, and a friend suggested her pet bunny, and eggs and stuff. Done!

Easter isn’t very well known here in Japan, though a few foreign companies are trying to market it here and there. When we told the English club that we would be having an Easter party and dying Easter Eggs (I’m so excited!) we explained the holiday by asking who’s been to see the Easter displays at Tokyo Disney Land.

Domino’s provided a lovely Easter Dinner, and while there weren’t any Easter Baskets some Kit Kat balls did the trick–they’re kind of egg shaped? And if you really get a craving, apparently you can make your own Cadbury Creme Eggs! How cool is that? I can’t wait to try the recipe, though I’m slightly worried about having so many Creme Eggs in the house…


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1 Response to Today’s Watercolor: Hoppy Easter!

  1. Taiga says:

    Having an Easter party sounds good 🙂
    By the way, I have a question.
    What Easter is held for?
    Why did you paint eggs?
    It is very interesting (and peculiar) !
    I’m looking forward to hearing your answer 🙂

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