Today’s watercolor: Why couldn’t the bike stand?

20140528-205917-75557379.jpgSo, first off, I love terrible puns and bad jokes. I also love bicycles (though I haven’t been riding much lately) and craft beer. How does that all come together into one painting?

Well, this watercolor is pretty heavily influenced by two of my favorite artists lately, Frida Clements and Leah Giberson. Frida Clements does amazing ink drawings of excellent groaners, and Leah Giberson just did the beautiful art for New Belgium Brewing’s recent label redesign. It really freshens up the brand while staying true to the spirit of the company and the original art. Both ladies have clean, strong lines and a great eye for composition. I hope to be as good as them some day!

This bike bears a bit of a resemblance to the bike Leah did for New Belgium’s Fat Tire Ale. Interestingly enough, New Belgium is actually opening a gorgeous new brewery in Asheville next year. A job there would actually make me consider moving back to North Carolina! And it’s supposed to open right around the time my contract here ends, hmm…guess I’ll have to keep an eye on their listings!

Anyway, I got a real kick out of doing this one, so I think there may be more terrible pun paintings in my future. Any suggestions?



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