Today’s Art: Stromae’s TA FÊTE

I’ve been really enjoying Belgian hip-hop artist Stromae recently. He’s about to start his first American tour, and I’m interested to see how his blend of melancholy and incredible catchiness fares in the states. The official video for his song Ta Fête just released, and already has three and a half million views. The song is also the anthem for the Belgian World Cup team, and this hilarious video shows the charming Stromae interacting with the team in some unexpected ways.

I’ve been working on this for few days now, and it’s obviously pretty different from my usual style. At the same time I’m a bit worried that none of you guys really listen to Stromae. He definitely hasn’t hit Japan, so I don’t know how popular he is other than his ridiculous views on Youtube (but maybe those are all coming from Europe?) So let me know what you think, ok?stromae 6


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1 Response to Today’s Art: Stromae’s TA FÊTE

  1. Gaëlle says:

    pretty awesome! I would ve like to know about the making of =) (I’m a french afficionada of Stromae) Perhaps succes will come soon in Japan, he’s just started to “charm” the USA after Europe, & then he’ll go to Africa… overbooked! X)

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