Tanabata Macarons!

Happy Tanabata! The Star Festival is a romantic holiday in Japan, where two literally star crossed lovers meet once a year across the Milky Way, if the night is clear.

I picked up these adorable Tanabata Macarons the other day, and they were a perfect way to celebrate the holiday! There’s also a big Tanabata Festival in town this weekend with great food and decorations.

Also, on an amusing note, my post titled Happy Tanabata from a few years ago has had quite a little spike in views recently, so hello, new readers! Have you heard of Tanabata? And what do you think of these macarons, aren’t they the cutest?



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1 Response to Tanabata Macarons!

  1. tattoogirlreads says:

    I miss Japan so dang much! I miss macaroons too. Why is it that you can get so many of them in Japan (and at the height of cuteness) but barely get any in America and when you do they are usually baked too long 😦 I’m so jealous.

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