Today’s Art: Happy Fall Equinox!

September 23rd is 秋分の日Shubun no Hi, the Fall Equinox–a national holiday here in Japan, so I made this little Totoro drawing (I kind of like drawing Totoro, as you might have noticed) to celebrate it. For all the time that I’ve spent drawing in coffee shops here in Japan, this one caused a stir. Apparently the best way to get Japanese people to freak out is by drawing Totoro next to them, who knew? Anyway, I hope you like it!

Also, big thanks to everyone that’s shared my Burger King Black Burger video on YouTube–it’s got almost 10,000 views right now, which is kind of crazy! You guys are amazing!



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1 Response to Today’s Art: Happy Fall Equinox!

  1. Kurobana says:

    Aw! It’s adorable! ^_^
    I’m not surprised people freaked out. Lol.

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