Hiking the Oze Highland Marsh

IMG_6585-0Over the weekend I finally got a chance to visit the Oze National park, one of the most famous natural spots in a prefecture known for it’s nature. Officially opened in 2007, the park actually extends across not only Gunma but Fukushima, Tochigi and Niigata as well.

Oze is an interesting place, as it is a rare highland marsh, clocking in at 1400 feet above sea level. The well known hiking is generally quite flat, and most of it is actually on a raised wooden boardwalk across the marsh to protect the land. There is no deviating from this trail!

IMG_6699-0Oze is quite a popular location to see the fall colors, and though the Super Typhoon was looming we were lucky to have an incredibly clear day to enjoy the leaves and grasses.

I’ve been meaning to get up to Oze for as long as I’ve lived in Japan, so it was really exciting to finally have the chance to see it for myself! It was a bit crowded since everyone and their mother seemed to have the same idea, but I’m glad so many people got to enjoy the experience! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go back in the summer to see the famous flowers 🙂










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2 Responses to Hiking the Oze Highland Marsh

  1. NATURE says:

    Thanks a lot!! Without you we would have never seen this area!

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