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Alice’s Adventures in Harajuku: Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

So as I mentioned, we spent this past weekend in Tokyo. Even though Tokyo Anime Fair was canceled, some of our friends still made the trip, and there was a lot going on. There was epic Karaoke, wandering around Akihabara … Continue reading

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Tokyo is not deserted!

Hey guys! Here’s a shot from the Yamanote Line on Sunday afternoon around 5, passing through Harajuku. Tokyo seems to be mostly back to normal, though there are a few

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Day 0: Earthquake! 地震!

Hey everybody! We’re here safe and sound in Japan, the earthquake shook us up quite a bit but everyone’s ok in our area. It’s pretty crazy watching the pictures come through on TV. Even the reporters on TV are wearing … Continue reading

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Snowboarding was awesome! We’re completely exhausted (Sean’s actually snoozing in the kotatsu right now!) but it was great fun. Gorgeous mountains, fantastic snow, and a super kick-ass time over all! More pictures soon, but for now there’s a hot bath … Continue reading

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Giant Gundam is Giant!

This weekend was the last weekend of winter break, so we decided to make the most of it by making pilgrimage to one of the coolest, nerdiest things going in Japan. We went to see the “life-size” Gundam. What is … Continue reading

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