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Today’s Watercolor: Obon Cucumber Horse & Eggplant Cow

Hey guys! Wow, it’s been a crazy summer so far. Between my presentation at Otakon and the World Heritage Tour in Tomioka, I’ve barely had time to paint anything, let alone post. Luckily this weekend I finally had a chance … Continue reading

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Meet the Mascots! Joushu-kun & Miyama-chan

Gunma-chan wears many hats here, but one of the jobs he doesn’t do is police work. Perhaps he dreams of being a police man when he grows up, but for now, his horsey cousins have taken the reins (ba-dum-ching!) Meet … Continue reading

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Gunma’s Mascot is the Cutest Mascot of All the Mascots!

One thing you notice while living in Japan is that mascots are everywhere. Everywhere and everything has a super adorable (and sometimes slightly creepy) mascot proudly representing the local culture. Most of them are pretty cute, but I happen to … Continue reading

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Horse Sashimi?

Tonight while we were out, our friend Grant ordered the Horse Sashimi, or 馬刺し. It’s been on my list of “Things that I want to try that really kind of freak me out.” I don’t know, but for some reason … Continue reading

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