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Pikachu with a view: My trip to the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo

Some times, when living in Japan, one finds oneself at some pretty wacky places. After spending the weekend touring (and tweeting!) the newly designated World Heritage Sites surrounding the Tomioka Silk Mill (more on that soon), I found myself spending … Continue reading

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Tanabata Macarons!

Happy Tanabata! The Star Festival is a romantic holiday in Japan, where two literally star crossed lovers meet once a year across the Milky Way, if the night is clear. I picked up these adorable Tanabata Macarons the other day, … Continue reading

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Squid Ink risotto…at McDonald’s!?

Well, Japan may have been knocked out of the World Cup, but I hope that the flavors that the World Cup brought to Japan aren’t knocked out of people’s hearts and marketer’s minds. Marketing masters here in Japan have used … Continue reading

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Going Merry, A Nice Moment in Japan

One recent evening, I was sitting on the couch when our doorbell rang. I assumed it was our lovely landlady or a certain friendly neighbor, but when I checked our incredibly futuristic, color video, two-way speaker device (what’s that even … Continue reading

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