Going Merry, A Nice Moment in Japan

One recent evening, I was sitting on the couch when our doorbell rang. I assumed it was our lovely landlady or a certain friendly neighbor, but when I checked our incredibly futuristic, color video, two-way speaker device (what’s that even called? We just had a peephole back home!) there was a sharply dressed middle aged man I didn’t recognize.

I opened the door, and noticed he had a brochure for a local Real Estate Company. We’re pretty unlikely to be buying a house any time soon, so I figured it was time to play the “Gaijin Card” as I often do with the nice door to door salesmen/Jehovah’s witnesses that sometimes darken our door.

SOO MEE MA SEN,” I said in the worst accent possible, figuring he would get the hint pretty quickly that I wasn’t a very eligible candidate for whatever fabulous offer he had up his sleeve. “Eggo…ga…hanasamasaka?” I laid the bad accent on pretty thick, but with a friendly smile on my face. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I figured the faster he gave up on me the better.

The magnet in question, with non-technologic Peephole

He was a quick one, and shortly made his excuses. As he started to leave, he noticed the sheep faced magnet that Sean recently put on our front door.

“Oh, do you like One Piece?”

“Yeah, it’s great! I love Zoro, how about you?”

We chatted on for a few minutes about this super popular animation (it’s not quite as big in the States, but it’s a Pretty Big Deal here.) Suddenly I realized 2 things.

1. He was a good bit younger than I’d first thought.

2. My jig was up. We had totally been holding a (rather long by this point) conversation, completely in Japanese.

I blushed hard, realizing that he had caught me out, but he had the good grace to take his leave and spare me his sales pitch. In the end, it was a nice conversation with a nice young man about something we both enjoy. It was a pretty nice evening, after all.


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7 Responses to Going Merry, A Nice Moment in Japan

  1. Jason says:

    For your two way speaker device, “video intercom” is the phrase you’re looking for, I believe.

  2. Hahahaha! I once had a complete conversation with a salesman, in Japanese, about how I can’t speak Japanese. Keigo-ed him out off my doorstep and everything. He left with the idea firming placed in his head that I COULD NOT speak Japanese, yet… how did he know that? The look of bewilderment on his face was priceless!

  3. Kaori says:

    Awww! I love stories like this. People connect through the most random things 😀

  4. Shaun says:

    This probably wouldn’t happen to me.

    I never got into One Piece….

  5. Locohama says:

    DOH! lol See, if your Japanese was genuinely dicey like mine you would have easily…oh wait, you didn’t get the sales pitch! And had a nice conversation on a topic of mutual interest…DOH! Nevermind. LOL. Gotta go hit those J-books again one of these days. Nice post!

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