Today’s watercolor: Charizard meets Godzilla!


For the latest installment in my Pokémon mashup series, it’s Charizard meets Godzilla! Charzilla? Something about this combo just seemed right, especially with the new Godzilla movie trailer being
released recently. What are your thoughts on the upcoming movie? I do love Bryan Cranston…

This suggestion came from the same friend who suggested Snorlax x Totoro. I worked on him for a while (you may have noticed a lack of watercolor last week, mainly due to this guy and another big project in the works,) with a bunch of preliminary sketches to figure out just how I wanted to combine the two. I think the effort shows, and I like how he came together. I especially enjoyed doing the texture of the scales on this guy.

So, what Pokémon should I mashup next?

A couple in progress shots:




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