Today’s art: a Totoro Thank You!

I realized the other day that it’s been just over a year since I started posting my art online! This little Totoro was one of my first watercolors, so I decided to make this little video with a Totoro as a thank you for all the support you guys have shown me for the past year. I really appreciate it!

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Oizumi Carnival and the Samba-dancing Gunma-chan!

IMG_5836Last week, the Gunma Tourism Association posted this fabulous picture on Facebook, announcing that the Ooizumi Carnaval would be taking place this weekend. Samba dancers, international food, what could be better? I’ve been meaning to check out “Brazilian Town” for a while, so it seemed like a great reason to go.

IMG_5854-0There’s a long Continue reading

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Starbucks Japan’s Caramel & Pudding Frappuccino and Shaken Caramel Custard & Espresso

IMG_5741.JPGNew season, new drinks at Starbucks! The early fall line up just started up here with the Caramel Pudding Frappucino and the Shaken Custard Espresso. Spoiler alert: they’re delicious.

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Today’s Engrish: F$%¥ AS BOMB

It’s been quite a while since I posted any Engrish here on the blog. From Tiny Grass is Dreaming to my most popular post of all time, the Fuckin’ Sale, there just hasn’t been as much catching my eye the longer I’ve lived here. Well, it’s time to dust off the tags with this special from a 3D Printing Cafe here in Tokyo!


Full version below the cut:
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Today’s art: Moon-viewing Beauty

Today is 十五夜 Jugoya, the day for お月見 Otsukimi, or moon viewing. Essentially a harvest festival, it takes place on the 15th day of the eighth month of the old solar calendar.  It happens to line up with the Chinese Autumn festival as well as the Korean Thanksgiving, Chuseok. In Japan we traditionally eat Tsukimi Dango, cute little mochi dumplings, and decorate with pampas grass while enjoying the beautiful full moon.

gunma chan tsukimi dangoHere’s a cute wallpaper of Gunma-chan set up with his grass and dumplings, just perfect for watching the rabbits in the moon making mochi (as they do.) By the way, today is apparently the Super Moon, so it should be lovely for gazing at while nibbling on dango–or moon cakes! Even McDonald’s gets in on the act here with special Moon Viewing Burgers that have a fried egg on them. This year’s version even has mushrooms! Would you eat it?

To celebrate this holiday I Continue reading

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Haägen-Dazs Japan’s Lemon Ginger Float, Coffee Vanilla and Chocolat Mint


Haägen-Dazs Japan’s late summer flavors were on point this year, bringing some of the strongest offerings I’ve seen yet. From the Lemon Ginger Float to the Chocolat Mint to the Coffee Vanilla, it was a delicious slate that will keep a prize place in the freezer of my heart.

First up, the Chocolat Mint (yes, French spelling–isn’t that fancy?) was a rockstar covered in diamond dust. For the past few Continue reading

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Today’s Art: What do you call a tree with a briefcase?

branch manager

When I was in the states over the summer I got a chance to catch Guardians of the Galaxy. Of course I fell in love with Groot, and you already know my penchant for oyaji gags, so this just had to be done. I also apparently really like drawing guys in suits. As always, feel free to check me out on TwitterInstagram and Facebook :)

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