Pepsi PINK!

Yes! It’s here! The day has finally arrived for the new Winter Pepsi flavor! We’ve been waiting for this one for a while–how could you not be excited for Strawberry Milk flavored cola?

Pepsi Japan has a long line of insane seasonal flavors–this past summer’s Caribbean Gold Pepsi and last winter’s Mont Blanc Pepsi are just two recent offerings. So tasty, and yet so ridiculous! A clever marketing ploy on the part of Suntory, the flavors are usually more for the novelty than anything else–and it certainly does get people talking (myself included, obviously.)

Now, Strawberry Milk may seem like a bizarre soda flavor, especially for Winter. Strawberries are usually considered a summer fruit in the US, but here in Japan they’re actually often associated with winter and early spring.

Usually grown in greenhouses, strawberries are one of the most important ingredients in the ubiquitous Christmas cake, a strange and spongy descendant of strawberry shortcake that everyone seems convinced is the traditional Western holiday dessert. My coworkers were shocked when I told them that it wasn’t a part of our Christmas rituals!

Strawberry Au Lait (or Strawberry Olé as it is sometimes hilariously romanized) is also fairly popular here, so a soda version isn’t that far of a stretch. Well, ok, Strawberry Milk soda might be a little odd–there aren’t a lot of strawberry sodas out there to begin with, and milk sounds like a pretty wacky flavor for your fizzy drink. Cream sodas are common enough though, and the milkiness falls squarely in that category.

The bottle is super cute, much like a toddler wearing a giant strawberry costume. Polka dots! A leafy green Kermit the Frog collar! Add a slightly metallic hue and you’ve got nothing less than adorable.

But how does it taste? In a word, fabulous.

Pinkie Pie approves of this soda!

Now, I’ll be honest–it’s candy sweet, and bears little resemblance to the fruit it was named after. If you hate artificial strawberry flavoring, you will hate this soda.

But for me, it’s nicely balanced with the creaminess and the artificial flavoring isn’t overpowering. Sean was content with a single sip of mine (he might have mentioned that even the scent was too strong for him…) but I will definitely be buying more of this crazy concoction.

There aren’t enough strawberry sodas on the market (are there any?) and I for one, wish this could become part of the regular Pepsi line up. But as is always the way, in a few short weeks it will be relegated to the bargain bins, and then it will disappear forever, leaving nothing but memories of its creamy, fruity goodness.

So get it while it lasts!


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12 Responses to Pepsi PINK!

  1. hate soda and looks rather girly but I’d at least try it ^_^

  2. Shaun says:

    Far too fizzy for me. Too many bubbles.

  3. Suzanne says:

    I will be heading to Japan next month, so will be on the lookout for this soda. I am excited to experience the Christmas traditions, that are so not western (BTW I’ve never had strawberry shortcake, nor KFC for my Christmas dinner) 🙂

  4. I saw this in the supermarket the other day and did a double take. I thought it looked nasty. I will have to buy one bottle for the sake of trying new things. I LOVE Fanta’s apple flavor that is out right now. I think it will be going away soon though. 😦

  5. Midgett says:

    I gave it a shot, but I was not a fan. Oh well. Maybe next summer…

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  7. Ilene says:

    I just watched “The Muppets” last night and I *loved* it! Jason Segel and Amy Adams did such an amazing job! And then… the muppets! It made me happy seeing them on the big screen again. Me and my parents laughed so hard through the entire thing! I just wish there was more Beaker. 🙂

  8. Anon says:

    That’s Pinkie Pie looks so cute with this Pepsi. I want try that flavor too, saddly Japan it’s… just a little bit far from my country xD

  9. Joe Singer says:

    Sounds interesting- I’ll keep an eye out for it at my local Lotte, though I doubt I’ll be seeing it here in the U.S. ;we do get the seasonal Pocky flavors, though- i had some Pumpkin back in autumn. While I usually prefer the bite of a Coke, Pepsi’s not bad, and I’m definitely curious about this flavor. I looked on the Internet and it seems there are various strawberry sodas out there, including Fanta, Welch’s, some “retro” stuff like Nesbitt’s . . .and Hello Kitty Ramune.

  10. Brittany says:

    Where can I buy all of these Pepsi flavors??? Is there a link online somewhere that I can purchase from? I have never seen any of these in any store. Is there a store that I can go to buy them?

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