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McDonald’s Big America 2: The Idaho Burger

Friday passed, and then another. “Is it here yet? It’s got to be here.” “I dunno, that’s what you said last Friday.” “The website said late January. January is almost over!” Finally, with only a few days left in the … Continue reading

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Engrish of the Week! Eat…fresh?

We just got a Subway in our town, and all of the Americans have been buzzing with excitement. The sandwiches are delicious, the lobster bisque (no, really. Would you trust lobster bisque from Subway?) is a bit strange, but this … Continue reading

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Mikan Kit Kats!

Welcome to the first installment of what is to become a regular feature of this blog: Kit Kat Reviews! I’m a bit crazy for different flavors of Kit Kats, and I want to share this joy with the world. There … Continue reading

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Snowboarding was awesome! We’re completely exhausted (Sean’s actually snoozing in the kotatsu right now!) but it was great fun. Gorgeous mountains, fantastic snow, and a super kick-ass time over all! More pictures soon, but for now there’s a hot bath … Continue reading

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Engrish of the week!

Happy Friday, everybody! To bring you into the weekend, here’s your Engrish photo of the week. We spotted this one at Yoyogi park, and it’s a doozy. (As always, you can click the photo for a larger size.) What are … Continue reading

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Cozy under the Kotatsu

When we returned from winter vacation, many of my coworkers asked me where I went. They seemed to be expecting exotic adventures, or a trip back home over Christmas. I seemed to have surprised everyone with my response. “Alice-sensei, where … Continue reading

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Big America2: The Texas2 Burger

When I travel to a foreign country, I have a slightly perverse love of searching out “American” things. I enjoy seeing my home country through foreign eyes, seeing what stands out and what gets left behind. Tokyo Disney Land is … Continue reading

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