Weekly Round Up #2

It’s been a pretty great week here in Japan! I haven’t even gotten a chance to blog all the fun stuff that’s going on, but here’s the run down of what I put up this week:

★ On Monday, we looked at Starbuck’s gorgeous Sakura Frappuccino & Sakura Chiffon Cake. I expected them to be nice, but I didn’t realize how nice they would be!

★ On Tuesday, I experienced my first High School Graduation here in Japan. It was interesting seeing the differences and similarities with US graduations!

★ On Wednesday, we tried some Hello Kitty Hina Arare, and talked about Hina Matsuri. The treats were cuter than they were tasty, but it’s been fun seeing the various ways girl’s day was celebrated!

★ On Thursday, the day of Hina Matsuri itself, we found some gorgeous doll-shaped cakes at the local combini. Tasty and adorable!

★ Friday brought the Engrish of the Week, of course, and it made me giggle like a 12 year old boy every time I saw it. How about you?

★ On Saturday we tried something new–Horse Sashimi. It was a bit strange, and I felt a bit conflicted about eating it. What do you think?

Around the web there’s been some pretty great stuff too!

◆ Our friend Geoff attempted to recreate the Miami Burger in the States! It looks surprisingly accurate, but apparently didn’t taste too good. This is after Bob attempted his own Idaho Burger a few weeks ago. I’m really excited about people trying to recreate some of the stuff we’ve posted about–hopefully the Manhattan Burger gets such love! We haven’t tried it yet, but one of our friends said it’s the best yet 🙂

◆ Also, one of my Ume Blossom photos got featured as part of this week’s Show me Japan! Very cool! Don’t know if I’ll get a chance to participate this week, but hopefully next week 🙂

◆ Don’t forget the weekly round-up over on Tokyo Bounce! They always have tons of great links!

◆ Oh, and finally the March Japan Blog Matsuri has been announced! This month’s theme is “Faces of Japan” and I can’t wait to enter!

There’s lots of Japan related fun over on Twitter (@vyxle) and if you have anything awesome to share, let me know!


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2 Responses to Weekly Round Up #2

  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the link! Oh, and based on your rave reviews, I tried the Sakura Latte (and the Sakura scone) at Starbucks this weekend. When it was piping hot the latte was really good, but as it cooled off it developed a kind of unpleasant taste. Next time I’ll order a short and try to drink it a little faster!

    • Hmm, I never get larger than a tall, and I tend to drink too fast, so I didn’t catch the taste at the end. I almost want to check it out now, haha!

      I definitely think the Frappuccino is the better of the two, though it’s definitely too cold for a frozen drink right now! How was the scone? I haven’t tried that yet!

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