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Happy Friday! Please enjoy…

Not only is this beverage bar sentient and self-aware (I am delicious!) but thoughtful, too! It wants you to be happy. Please enjoy happy time! Isn’t that nice? Oh! And though the Japanese Imperial Family canceled their attendance at the … Continue reading

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Round Up, Round Up!

What time is it? Round up time! It’s the end of another lovely week here in Japan, where it’s hovering in between winter and summer, and yet isn’t quite Spring. Hot, cold, windy, rainy, it’ll make your head spin! Much … Continue reading

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Häagen-Dazs, Japan-style

As I’m sure you know, many non-Japanese companies come out with special flavors and limited editions that never seem to exist in other countries. For example, Häagen-Dazs has a whole line of ice creams called “Dolce”  that I’ve never seen … Continue reading

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What is this I don’t even…Gatsby Aqua

Mute your computer. Right now. Turn off all sound before you watch this video. I want you to watch this video with no music at all (it’s short.) Next, turn the sound back on, watch it again, and prepare to … Continue reading

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Dr. Smiley

One of the things that I love about Japan is that there is a mascot for everything. Even the dentist has this definitely-not-creepy-at-all-no-sir guy grinning out front. I kind of wonder if the resident tooth doctor has glasses, or resembles … Continue reading

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Happy Friday!

It’s that time again! Today is the day of the week when we look at Japan and wonder what the hell  someone was thinking when they got the bright idea to put that sign in English. Sometimes you can sort … Continue reading

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Cee Lo Green’s F**K You in Japanese

I have no idea why Warner Music, or perhaps Cee Lo Green himself felt a need to translate this anthem into Japanese, but I’m glad they did. It makes me happy. And it totally counts as studying Japanese, right?

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Meet Melon Bear…

Meet Melon Bear. Melon Bear is half melon/half bear, and when he comes to class, my students get so excited that I’ve seen them literally start vibrating in their seats. Even students who previously had been

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Weekly Round Up!

Oh, snap! I forgot to do the Weekly Roundup! Ok, in case you missed anything… Last Monday I posted some pictures of some of the tasty lunches I had during the slow days of Spring Vacation, when teachers still go … Continue reading

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What is this I don’t even…Cathy’s House

I just…I…what?

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