Nyantomo: The Kitty-Shaped Hot Water Bottle

Do you wish you had a cat, but your apartment doesn’t allow pets?

Do you you crave the warmth of a furry friend, but hate cleaning up after living creatures other than yourself?

Well, has Japan got the product for you! A brand new hot water bottle, shaped just like your favorite fluffy friend!

The special ergonomic bottle is designed to fit perfectly in the hyper-realistic cat-like covering, and will stay warm for up to 6 hours! Now, for the low, low price of only ¥6990 (not including shipping)!

I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that it’s just realistic enough to be SUPER CREEPY, or the fact that I actually kind of want one. I miss the feeling of my kitty gettin’ cozy on my lap, and this looks like a reasonable facsimile of the experience, as long as you don’t mind the fact that it will NEVER WAKE UP.

Almost $75 is way too rich for my blood, but if there’s a Spring sale any time soon, I might be seriously tempted…what do you think? Would you want this snuggle buddy, or is it too taxidermic for your tastes?

(Hat-tip to Tokyo Bounce for pointing this out! Oh Japan, you so crazy…)


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4 Responses to Nyantomo: The Kitty-Shaped Hot Water Bottle

  1. Andrea says:

    7000 yen? Gosh, I thought it was cheaper (and was secretly planning to buy one). Sadness!

  2. Lauren G says:

    If you buy one, you are to name it Mr. Wiggles.

  3. NTG says:

    It kinda looks like my cat, Lisa, in the second and third photos!! I should buy this as her proxy, since she won’t let me touch her.

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