Day 2: Even the Tokyo Tower is bent…

No pictures of major destruction, just this sad little reminder that Japan isn’t feeling well right now. Even the Tokyo Tower is bent, just a little bit.

We’re still doing alright here in Japan. We’re ok on food and supplies, though  rolling blackouts are scheduled to start tomorrow.

It’s been pretty exhausting keeping track of everything–the plant in Fukushima is entirely too close for comfort, though probably far enough not to present any real threat, fingers crossed.

Our friend that works there is confirmed safe, which is a relief, but this whole thing has been impressively wearing. Still, we’re looking for ways to help, and have something possibly in the works. We’ll keep you guys posted for ways that you can get involved!


Planned power outages from 6:20 – 10:00AM and 16:50 to 20:30PM in Gunma tomorrow.

More information on the rolling blackouts in Gunma is available here, but it’s all in Japanese.


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7 Responses to Day 2: Even the Tokyo Tower is bent…

  1. My poor, poor tower 😦

  2. Nell says:

    Morgsatlarge, a blog from another English teacher in Japan, has a post quoting an article from an MIT scientist, with lots of specific information about the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plants, including:
    * Construction of the Fukushima nuclear power plants
    * Fundamentals of nuclear reactions
    * What happened at Fukushima
    * Now, where does that leave us?
    It is worth reading, at: Why I am not worried about Japan’s nuclear reactors

    You’ve been in my thoughts a lot. It sounds like there will be a hard slog ahead for awhile, but you have what it takes! Thanks for the communications and please keep posting!
    Lots of love! – Nell

    • Nell says:

      It looks like the article I mentioned above is astroturfing by the nuclear industry. The website where I found it is usually profoundly skeptical and careful about sources, so I was inclined to trust it, but further research has made it look highly dubious. It sounds like you are getting good information there. Here is a link discussing the issue. I don’t really know what is correct, so, as in the old comedy sketch, Nevermind!

      But my good wishes remain the same!

  3. Lexus says:

    I really hope you are doing ok love you guys be safe


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