Weekly Round Up!

Oh, snap! I forgot to do the Weekly Roundup! Ok, in case you missed anything…

Last Monday I posted some pictures of some of the tasty lunches I had during the slow days of Spring Vacation, when teachers still go to school (Bummer!) but have the freedom to leave campus for leisurely lunches. There’s lots of tasty food in our area, but still no Mexican.

Next up was one of the weirdest Kit Kat flavors yet…LUCKY. That’s right, Lucky Kit Kats. Yeah. I’m not making this up. What does lucky taste like? Read more to find out!

After that was the Engrish of the Week, with the Chocolate Stick. It supposedly has enough chocolate, though I’m of the opinion that there is never enough chocolate.

Saturday brought my impressions of the Japanese School Entrance Ceremony, as well as a nice thing that happened afterward.

Sunday was my entry into this week’s Show Me Japan, with one of my favorite pictures of cherry blossoms this year.

Finally, last on the list is yesterday’s post from a Japanese sketch comedy show, with some of the craziest stuff  to come out of Japanese TV, like, ever. This post apparently got spread around a bit, as it’s now my most popular post ever. Thanks, Cathy!


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2 Responses to Weekly Round Up!

  1. Allie says:

    Cathy’s House was your most popular post? Nice!! Haha. Good stuff comes out of even the worst nightmares.

  2. Blue Shoe says:

    I’m also finding that videos of Japanese commercials or TV shows tend to get a lot of hits.

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