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Time to get CRUNK’d

It started on Twitter. “It’s back!” “They had it!” “I almost fainted when I saw it!” It quickly went to Facebook. People posted pictures. People shared locations where it could be found, and where it was selling out. What was … Continue reading

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Howard Stern Hates Yoshiki?

As I mentioned recently, we’re pretty familiar with X Japan. Yoshiki has been a guest at Otakon a number of times, and in addition to the Reunion Concert at the Tokyo Dome, we also saw Toshi & Yoshiki at Japan … Continue reading

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Round Up, Round Up!

Oh, snap! Here are some of my favorite Japantastic blog posts of recent days: Just Hungry has an awesome write up of one of my favorite subjects, the Combini. The new Japan Blog Matsuri is up at Nippon the Bus! … Continue reading

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New Summer Pepsi Dry

As I mentioned, I’ve been looking all over for the new Summer Pepsi since it was released earlier this week. I’m a big fan of the seasonal Pepsi flavors, like last winter’s Mont Blanc, Shiso, Cucumber, beautiful Baobab…the list goes … Continue reading

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Happy Engrish Friday! Braaaains….

That’s pretty nice that this company feels like they can brag about their employees, but I tell you what–this is NOT the place to be working when the zombies come. I would get the heck out of here! Braaaains…braaaaains… Are … Continue reading

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Tohoku Kit Kats!

After work today, I went to a couple of combinis in search of this year’s new summer Pepsi. While I didn’t

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The Cutest Car on the Planet

Seriously, how freaking adorable is this car? He appears to be the mascot of a certain Japanese corporation, and was parked in front of their local office recently. It’s pretty much the best company car ever, and possibly the

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Pole Pull Down

Has anyone played this game? I don’t think my school plays this “Botaoshi” at my school’s sports day, but it looks pretty fun! Thanks to our friend Craig for the heads up!

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Bodhisattva Bokeh

Perhaps the rainy season is already upon us, but all this gloomy weather the past couple days has me in a bit of a black and white mood. The lovely Haikugirl’s post about her recent trip to the Hase-dera, one … Continue reading

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Mukashi mukashi…

昔々 or むかしむかし essentially means

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