Cee Lo Green’s F**K You in Japanese

I have no idea why Warner Music, or perhaps Cee Lo Green himself felt a need to translate this anthem into Japanese, but I’m glad they did. It makes me happy. And it totally counts as studying Japanese, right?


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8 Responses to Cee Lo Green’s F**K You in Japanese

  1. Kaki says:

    I think this was done by a fan originally, as I thought I saw this before the song was released here. Dunno if WB Japan or Mr. Green himself has acknowledged this work though.

  2. Alice B says:

    That absolutely counts as studying Japanese! I like how “F**k you” and “Why?” are translated differently in each situation. Thank you CeeLo (and superhappyawesome.), I feel much more qualified to to swear in Japanese now.

  3. Kaori says:

    This is really cool but it’s so fast I can’t keep up! They need a slow motion version ;D

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