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Our trip to the Daruma Factory!

Yesterday we did something that was easily one of the coolest things we’ve ever done in Japan. We had a Super Awesome Secret Mission for Anime Expo–we went to the Daruma Factory to get special custom Daruma for this year’s … Continue reading

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Rose-flavored Ice Cream?

One of the best parts of our recent trip to our city’s Rose Garden was the special  バラ or rose-flavored ice cream! Our friends’ reactions were mixed–some people thought it was too perfumey, others thought the rose flavor wasn’t strong … Continue reading

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Heart Shaped Watermelon!

Recently we stopped in at a very fancy fruit store in Tokyo Midtown, in a very fancy part of Roppongi (also the location Tokyo’s Ritz-Carlton, to give you some idea.) There were lots of hilariously overpriced fruits, but this one … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Unbirthday, A Nice Moment in Japan

I was sitting in the teacher’s room after lunch, when the volleyball coach announced that I had a guest. It seemed a bit odd–I don’t often receive visitors, as the old ladies say, especially at school. At first I thought … Continue reading

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Happy Friday! Engrish of the week!

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday…sorry, can’t get that song out of my head since we’ve been doing it in class this past week. It may be the worst song ever, but the kids can sing along and it’s pretty hilarious. Also, … Continue reading

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What time is it? Giveaway time! We’re getting really excited about Anime Expo, and our Panel (Friday! 10:45 am! LP4! Los Angeles Convention Center Room 411!  Be there!) Our flight leaves in less than a week! And how better to … Continue reading

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Ring around the rosies

Still getting things together for our EPIC SUMMER GIVEAWAY (and fighting off a cold) so in the meantime, please enjoy this picture from our city’s lovely Rose Garden! Countdown to our Panel at Anime Expo: 9 Days!

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Have a Superflat Summer Solstice, from Takashi Murakami & Google!

Hypercheerful colors. Grinning, happy flowers. Smiling rabbits. Adorable panda bears. Razor sharp teeth. Dripping, unidentifiable fluids. On second glance, that rabbit seems to have an extra eye or two. Is the Louis Vuitton pattern staring back at me? And where … Continue reading

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Mister Donut’s Baked Donuts

Like most people, I often tend to be swayed by the recommendations of my friends. I particularly value the opinions of the lovely Antares, thanks to whom I’ve discovered lots of tasty treats. Recently she’s mentioned the new Baked Donuts … Continue reading

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Beef Sushi?

We went out with some friends for cheap Conveyor Belt sushi tonight! How cute is Sean in this picture? He didn’t eat all of those himself though–that’s actually both of our plates together. And at ¥105 a plate, it still … Continue reading

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