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NEW Summer Pepsi — Caribbean Gold!

A few weeks ago I posted about how disappointing this year’s Summer Pepsi offering was, and how it didn’t seem very summery at all. Well, as luck would have it, there’s a new Summer Pepsi on the block! Caribbean Gold, … Continue reading

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Engrish of the Week!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to post much this week–I’ve been in Tokyo, helping out with the Orientation for new JET Programme participants. Almost 700 newcomers arrived from around the world, and that many more are coming … Continue reading

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Hengao, Pon Pon Pon Lyrics, and a Chance to Meet Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

Yesterday this poster magically appeared at my school: Most of my coworkers had no idea who that girl in the picture was, and couldn’t even pronounce her name, but I knew. I knew instantly who it was. きゃりぱみゅぱみゅ! That’s right, … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Gunma-chan — Nyanma-chan?

It’s time for this week’s installment in…THE MANY FACES OF GUNMA-CHAN! Ooooh! Yaaay! This week’s Gunma-chan may seem a bit familiar, if you’re, you know, on the internet. I’m sure you’re aware of Nyan-cat? Everyone’s favorite rainbow-powered poptart cat, on … Continue reading

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Tanbara Lavender Park!

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend was a lovely long one, and all of Japan had Monday off. While our fair prefecture has no ocean for us to visit on Marine Day, I decided to stay a bit closer … Continue reading

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海の日 — Marine Day

Happy Marine Day! Today is 海の日 (umi no hi) or Marine Day here in Japan. It is a national holiday which originally commemorated the historic 1876 voyage of Emperor Meiji to Aomori on a specially constructed steam-ship. Today it is … Continue reading

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What is this I don’t even…Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Do you remember Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse, and how it always seemed delightfully trippy, in a way that you didn’t quite understand? Even if you may not have understood the very meaning of the word trippy? Well, here is something … Continue reading

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Happy Engrish Friday! Freedom!

This can is full of lies. Seriously, don’t believe a word it says.

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KFC’s One Piece Kiddie Meal

So as I mentioned before, the first night we went to the Tanabata Matsuri in my city, things were a bit quiet. The decorations were in full force, and there were girls running around in scandalously shoulder-baring yukata (shocking!) but … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Gunma-chan: Tamamura

One of the surprise hits from our panel at AX was everyone’s favorite Prefectural Mascot, Gunma-chan! When he came up on the screen the whole room reacted with a big “Awww…” and we were pretty surprised by how much people … Continue reading

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