Happy Barthday! Wait, what?

Happy Friday–it’s time for the Engrish of the week, hurray!

So, yesterday was our friend Brooke’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Brooke!) which meant that there was cake during our meeting this afternoon (Happy cake day, Alice!)

How adorable is this? Happy Barthday? Awww…it was pretty tasty too. Lovely rich banana cake from the same restaurant that does the big Expat Thanksgiving every year down at the Prefectural Office. Yay, cake! Every meeting should have cake, for sure.

In other news, still working on getting the pictures sorted from our super happy awesome trip to LA. We had a fabulous time, and really appreciated the opportunity to go and connect with so many awesome people (and so many delicious enchiladas, which I connected with my face.) If anyone has any pictures, we’d love to see them! You can email us at shaftsa at gmail dot com or post them in our Facebook group 🙂

ALSO, we are now accepting submissions for the Engrish of the week! Did you spot some awesome Engrish in the wild? Want to be featured on Super Happy Awesome? We’d love to have you! Just email your photo to shaftsa at gmail dot com and we’ll be sure to credit you/link back, etc. Yay!

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1 Response to Happy Barthday! Wait, what?

  1. reesan says:

    LOL! It’s customary to celebrate your annual bath with a cake. 🙂

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