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Ghost-flavored Pringles!

As soon as September clicks over in Japan, it instantly becomes Autumn. The shelves are full of

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Costco — The Moment Japan Got Fat

It’s coming, they said. Next month. Maybe next Spring. Definitely by Summer. Definitely by July. Or August. Finally, after months of rumors and whispers, the day arrived–

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Japan Blog Matsuri — Summer Lovin’

School is starting, the days are getting shorter, the cicadas seem to be quieter. As the long lazy days of summer drift away, it’s time to take a moment and savor all the reasons why we love summer in this … Continue reading

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Happy Friday! Nude balls?

Happy Friday! For today’s Engrish of the week, it’s time to get Crunk’ed with some nude balls. Uh, what? These are actually pretty tasty, despite the ridiculous ridiculousness. It seems like a sign that we’ve been in Japan for a … Continue reading

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