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Happy Engrish Friday!

My students often write that their favorite food is, and I quote, “an omelete containing fried rice.” I’m not the biggest fan of this supposedly Western dish, myself–the rice is fried in ketchup, and the eggs of the omelet are … Continue reading

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Oh, the indignity!

Well, apparently the Colonel’s gone off his rocker and is now parading around the streets of Tokyo with an apple on his head, and a giant pie in his hands. No, seriously.

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Happy Engrish Friday!

You guys, seriously. What is a tuck diary? What does that even mean? Is that a thing? Cause when we saw this in the store, that ‘t’ pretty much looked like an ‘f’. Um, yeah….

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Meet the Mascot — Blue’bear’ries!

Our lovely home of Gunma Prefecture is quite famous for fruit picking, but did you know that you can pick fruit in Tokyo as well? In the Nerima ward of Tokyo, a bit west of Ikebukuro and a bit north … Continue reading

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School Life — The Sweetest Thing

How adorable is this? I love my students!

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The Many Faces of Gunma-chan — Train Conductor!

We spent the weekend in lovely Minakami, jumping off of waterfalls, swimming in crystal blue rivers, and having an awesome time with great friends. Minakami is only about an hour away by train, but the natural beauty is something straight … Continue reading

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Royal Moisty…what now?

Happy Friday! Our Engrish of the Week this week is an excellent submission from the ever lovely Caroline Josephine. Remember, if you come across any awesome Engrish and would like to submit it to our EotW just email your pictures … Continue reading

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Ghost-flavored Pringles!

As soon as September clicks over in Japan, it instantly becomes Autumn. The shelves are full of

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Costco — The Moment Japan Got Fat

It’s coming, they said. Next month. Maybe next Spring. Definitely by Summer. Definitely by July. Or August. Finally, after months of rumors and whispers, the day arrived–

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Japan Blog Matsuri — Summer Lovin’

School is starting, the days are getting shorter, the cicadas seem to be quieter. As the long lazy days of summer drift away, it’s time to take a moment and savor all the reasons why we love summer in this … Continue reading

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