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Engrish of the Week: Jewnail?

Spotted this one while picking up my Halloween costume! It’s in my favorite color, too–Lame Silver! There’s tons of stuff going on in Tokyo for Halloween. We might try to catch some of it, as we’re in town for TIMM/ … Continue reading

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All aboard the Gun Bus!

Well, it wouldn’t be a trip in Gunma if you didn’t ride the Gun Bus! Fabulous gun/kancho demonstration courtesy of our lovely guest stars, Chelsey, who can be found over at Fish in Man Bum and Liz, who may or … Continue reading

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Meet the Mascots! Joushu-kun & Miyama-chan

Gunma-chan wears many hats here, but one of the jobs he doesn’t do is police work. Perhaps he dreams of being a police man when he grows up, but for now, his horsey cousins have taken the reins (ba-dum-ching!) Meet … Continue reading

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10,000 Free Flights to Japan!?

Unsurprisingly, foreign tourism in Japan has plummeted in the past seven months, following the catastrophic events that ravaged the Tohoku region last March. Numbers were down more than 50% in the months directly following the disasters, as much as 80% … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Cheesecake Kit Kats!

Ah, October. Leaves changing color, nights getting cooler, days getting shorter. It’s a beautiful season, full of tradition. Sadly, a new tradition has recently entered my annual calendar

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Happy Engrish Friday, you little…

Apparently these little llamas are jerks. The sheep too. Especially that pink one.

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The Many Faces of Gunma-chan: Super ぐんまちゃん!

Hey guys! How awesome is this Gunma-chan? I think he’s my new favorite! Now he’s not just our prefectural mascot, he’s our prefectural super hero too! I know I feel safer having him protecting us. Don’t you? The cabbage patch … Continue reading

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