Today’s Watercolor: The Velveteen Rabbit

So, the other day I posted this watercolor of Peter Rabbit. Some lovely friends commented and requested I do a painting of The Velveteen Rabbit, so here it is! Big thanks to Lyles on deviantart who inspired the composition! There’s some work in progress shots below the cut, as well as on Instagram. I really enjoyed doing this one, so if you have any requests, please let me know!

rabbit 3rabbit 1rabbit 2

And here’s Peter Rabbit, too 🙂

peter rabbit


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1 Response to Today’s Watercolor: The Velveteen Rabbit

  1. Hankie says:

    That’s so strange, I don’t have children and so didn’t know about The Velveteen Rabbit until I watched it with my nephew last Christmas. For some reason it has really been on my mind today and now your post has popped up! Spooky ^_^
    Really beautiful paintings, you are so talented! X

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