Attack on Christmas!

If you pay much attention to anime, then you’ve probably at least heard of the big hit this past year, Attack on Titan. It’s an intense, action packed series with creepy monsters, daring heroes and grotesque battles. How better to welcome in the holiday season?

Time for a mashup! This is almost as cool as the Evangelion Christmas Cake we had a couple years back. Oh, and this isn’t fanart–these were officially released at Lawson’s across Japan. How crazy are these? Nothing says festive like fried chicken, Japanese Christmas Cake, and flying through the air on your 3d Maneuver Gear. Oh, and death and destruction. Lots of that.  Don’t forget a tiny Colossal Titan on your cake!

attack on Titan Christmas 2attack on Titan christmas 3

attack on titan 4attack on titan christmas 1

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3 Responses to Attack on Christmas!

  1. I’ve seen these posters around but didn’t know anything at all about it until reading your post 🙂 It all makes sense now! Thanks for enlightening me 😀

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