Genki Sudo’s World Order: Have a Nice Day!


UPDATE: I translated the lyrics for World Order’s Have a Nice Day, so if you’re looking for them, check the link!

Recently a friend of mine stumbled upon a video shoot for one of my absolute favorite Japanese modern dance groups World Order. Headed by retired MMA fighter Genki Sudo, the group presents a brilliant blend of
humor and technical proficiency like none others. Every piece is hilarious and meaningful, with an uncanny ability to get you right in the feels.

This new video “Have a nice day” may be my favorite yet, as the suited up salary boys run amok in Akhihabara. Playful and creative, there’s also some special guests that I certainly wasn’t expecting! And true to form, a certain scene lodged itself right in my solar plexus. Can you guess which one? (Hint: there’s a mirror)

Interestingly they also did a version for VISA Debit. I expected it to be just a short version of the full length, but it really is a stand alone video in itself. Less Akihabara focused, but just as clever and amusing. As far as Visa commercials go, you can’t get much better than Genki Sudo and his smooth moves.

I don’t begrudge them going commercial either–I like the idea of my favorite artists making money, especially if it means that they can produce more awesome art. And it obviously didn’t impact their creativity here–the video is excellent. Do you agree?

What do you think? Awesome, or sellouts? Do you mind your favorite artists going commercial? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to share this post with your hilarious dance loving friends!


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6 Responses to Genki Sudo’s World Order: Have a Nice Day!

  1. Sandra says:

    Love the video! It’s catchy.

  2. Haikugirl says:

    I LOVE it!! (*^_^)v

  3. I adore this song. And both videos. I do hope this brings them a deserved measure of fame globally.

  4. pchan says:

    Hello! I’m a fan of WORLD ORDER in Japan.
    They have many great music videos. Please check them!
    By the way, do you live in Gunma?? Me too^^

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