Today’s watercolor: Happy Father’s Day!

Interestingly enough, Japan has decided that the colors of Father’s Day are blue and yellow. The flower shops are also full hydrangeas (which makes sense, as it’s perfect hydrangea season) and sunflowers (which makes slightly less sense, as they tend to be a bit later in Summer.) It’s always fun seeing how Japan interprets these imported holidays and puts their own spin on it!

Speaking of which, the idea for turning the kanji 父, or chichi/father, into a mustache and tie, came from a promotion going on at a local restaurant. They have special Father’s Day pancakes which come with a chocolate pen so that you can write a sweet (haha!) message to your Otou-san. It was pretty tasty business!

Also interesting: an informal poll of the English club yielded only one student out of about 20 who had any plan to give her Dad something. Most of the kids looked at me like I was an alien when I asked if they were at least giving Pops a card. Isn’t that funny? Are you planning on doing anything for Father’s Day this year? If you like, feel free to send your Dad this picture 😀

fathers day copy


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