World Cup Brazilian Chicken Cup Noodles

20140617-100420-36260518.jpgJapan’s gone World Cup crazy! Well, their marketing teams have, at least. Over the next little while I’ll show some of the various promotions that companies are using to try to cash in on the current phenomenon.
It’s pretty exciting to see the bolder flavors and even spices (Japanese food is traditionally very subtle, with little use of, for example, garlic or chili.) It feels like many companies are really embracing this World Cup, and I wonder if it’s due to the large Brazilian population here in Japan. About a hundred years ago there was a wave of immigration from Japan to Brazil, and in recent years a large number of their descendants have returned. It’s resulted in a interesting blend of cultures. I’m even hoping to go to a Brazilian Food Festival this weekend in Oizumi, one of the centers of Brazilian culture in Japan.20140617-100420-36260896.jpg

So the first item in my World Cup series is this Brazilian Chicken Cup Noodle. Cup Noodle of course originates in Japan, and we tend to have a big variety of flavors with high-quality toppings.

This one features surprisingly large chunks of chicken along with a zingy chili soup. I’ve got a cold at the moment, so it was just what I needed to break through my sinus mess. I definitely noticed a strong citrus flavor, and the chili balances well with the sweet pieces of cabbage and fluffy egg dotting the soup.

20140617-100421-36261212.jpgIf you get a chance to try this one, definitely do! Hopefully if these Brazilian inspired flavors sell well it might convince companies to broaden their flavor palates a little bit even after the World Cup has come and gone! Coming soon in this series: McDonald’s risotto. I’m not making this up.





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  1. You know, that looks pretty tasty. It has been years since I have eaten any cup noodle, but that seems like it might tempt me back into instant ramen!

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