Today’s Watercolor: The BFG

bfgIt’s Day 3 of my Week of POST EVERYDAY in celebration of my new Facebook page! Speaking of which, have you liked my new Facebook page yet?

I absolutely loved Roald Dahl books growing up, the BFG in particular. A little while back I stumbled upon the artist Shitty Watercolor, whose work is very heavily influenced by Quentin Blake, the artist who illustrated much of Roald Dahl’s work. This video in particular is a big part of why I started painting, and so practicing with a little classic Quentin Blake felt like a great exercise. His style is very different from my usual controlled habits, so it was fun to experiment with his dynamic, powerful style. I still have a long way to go, but this was fun!


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2 Responses to Today’s Watercolor: The BFG

  1. Enjoying your paintings, Alice! Out of curiosity, how do you scan/upload them? Do you just use a flatbed? They seem to show up very nicely.

    • Thanks Paul! Actually I just got a scanner recently, and this is one of the first things that I scanned. I feel like it’s a pretty great upgrade from taking pictures with my phone, which is what I’d been doing before, haha!

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