New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu “Kira Kira Killer” lyrics with English Translation

20140626-181506-65706312.jpgThis is a pretty simple song, and pretty low on actual content. As the third single from the upcoming album, I think that this song is essentially designed to be an earworm. “ピカピカふぁんたじん / Pikapika Fantajin” is coming out on July 9th, and has already released the moving and meaningful Yume no hajima rin rin as well as the movie tie in Family Party.

20140626-181506-65706597.jpgKira Kira Killer has already been used in an AU commercial, but this is the first time that the full length of the song has been released. The commercial is only 30 seconds long, and there’s not really much more to this song than that.

20140626-181506-65706178.jpgThe song seems to be vaguely about a superhero, though when I asked my coworker for help they were confounded by who is speaking in the song. Is it from the point of view of the singer? Or is the singer talking to a superhero? It’s not very clear.

20140626-181506-65706035.jpgThe video is a bit different from her usual fare as well—it has perhaps even more CGI than Family Party, and seems to be Kyary having an out-of-body experience, traveling through the afterlife/limbo, as mentioned in the official Asobi Systems post (with KPP quote!) There’s a lot of religious imagery mishmashed from different traditions—she’s stepping out of a lotus blossom, she’s swallowed by a snake with an apple. Are they trying to push boundaries and be ever so slightly offensive? Not really offensive, just enough to get people talking, of course. Sort of like how everyone in the Youtube comments seems to think that she’s chanting F instead of L (U-C-K)

20140626-181506-65706759.jpgShe does seem to be having a little fun, and you can definitely tell that this girl feels comfortable on camera, almost to the point of blasé. The exuberance of Family Party and the melancholy of Yumenohajimarinrin just aren’t really present. Maybe she really is a robot, which is the premise of the 60 minute “movie” hitting cinemas July 12th.

20140626-181507-65707023.jpgAt the end of the day, I’d say that this song has lyrics because otherwise there wouldn’t be much point to having KPP “perform” it. Their primary function is not to tell a story or convey an emotion, but rather give her something to wrap her mouth around while holding a microphone and bopping around on stage. Oh, they’re also for the purpose of GETTING STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOREVER BECAUSE GOOD LUCK GETTING THIS SONG OUT OF YOUR HEAD ANYTIME SOON.


“Kira Kira Killer”, translated by me! If you want to use these 20140626-181506-65706897.jpganywhere, please link & credit back!

Lyrics by: Yasutaka Nakata

Performed by: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


No one knows the identity, secret hero

Even if trying to be a villain, everyone can tell


Hidden behind the mask a longing for strong tenderness

Look at the sky above the bustling town (Glitter Killer!)


Glitter Glitter Killer, Lucky Lucky Lucky (Ed. Note—The sounds “Ra” and “Ki” are repeated in different patterns, so in a sense these are the same words said backwords and forwards.)

Look! The future! Happy happy happy


From the sky now, Glitter Killer, coming now (


Glitter Killer Happy Happy Happy

Look! The future! Lucky lucky lucky

Glitter Killer Heart Beats fall in love

Glitter Killer Glitter Killer

Glitter Killer Magical Power

Full of Glitter Killer


L.U.C.K. L.U.C.K. L.U.C.K. L.U.C.K.


No matter how hard the chase, not giving any hints

Mouth shut tight, don’t even know who

Ah, you were hurt in the same place

Why would you be aware, rustling heart

Look up in the sky! Glitter Killer!





Japanese lyrics from here


L.U.C.K. L.U.C.K. L.U.C.K. L.U.C.K.


正体は誰も知らない 秘密のヒーロー

悪役のようにしても みんなはねわかってる


マスクに隠された 強い優しさに ずっと憧れて

ざわめく街の空を見上げる (きらきらキラー)




きらきらキラー ラッキーラッキーラッキー

未来はほら ハッピーハッピーハッピー

空から今 きらきらキラー coming now (

きらきらキラー ハッピーハッピーハッピー

未来はほら ラッキーラッキーラッキー

きらきらキラー ドキドキドキ fall in love

きらきらキラー (きらきらキラー)

きらきらキラー (マジカルパワー)

かんぜん きらきらキラー


L.U.C.K. L.U.C.K. L.U.C.K. L.U.C.K.


どれだけ追いかけても ヒントさえくれない

お口をギュッとつぐむのに 誰かはわからない


ああ おんなじ所に傷を負ったキミに

気付いてしまうなんて ざわめく心

空を見上げる (きらきらキラー)













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5 Responses to New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu “Kira Kira Killer” lyrics with English Translation

  1. Sandra says:

    Wow! I love love love it! Is that a mustache she’s rockin’?

  2. Pingback: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & Kirakira Killer | What Do You Do for an Encore?

  3. fan says:

    So much symbolism represented in this… The egg, the apple, the guardian, she has obviously taken DMT or read deeply into it. The egg represents the egg theory that we are all the same person living different lives and interacting with ourselves infinitely, or until our egg hatches. The Apple represents knowledge, as it has since biblical times, and the guardian represents the beings whom come to you when you break the barrier of reality (usually on DMT or mushrooms). They say a large amount of DMT enters your brain upon death and even a little releases when you sleep. I feel like people are missing how intense this video truly is.

    • Michelle-Paulette says:

      As I look at all the symbolism they seem to be reflective of our past observations of the universe. A blend of spiritual thinking/religious explanation (the questions we asked and the explanations we got when we first started asking the questions we didn’t really understand) Which is blended with the more recent scientific discoveries we have made to answer those very questions. the turtle with the elephants For instance as well as the big snake if I’m not mistaken are all derived from Hindu and Chinese mythology.The Apple falling is Newton’s apple which is why it falls from a tree onto the earth. the ground moving underneath her feet would seem to be about the theory of continental drift, E Equals MC square obviously Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. it seems to me to be about the progression of one way of thinking to another way of thinking and then living within a world of both ways of thinking. The video is much deeper than it would appear it seems by face value. I really really like it.

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